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I’ve written many times previously on what I call – The Video Teaching Revolution. Video is becoming the new, dynamic textbook. It won’t replace print but it will have its own place, time and attention as a learning material and medium of instruction. This recent research report by Pearson adroitly points this out concerning Generation Z and their preference of video over textbooks.

So I think all teachers will be interested in  downloading my Top 100 Youtube Videos For Teaching English ebook. It contains links to the videos (many you can download) and lesson resources for each video. A complete resource of the best video lessons around. A recommended level is assigned each lesson and video. It’s free for all teachers January only. You’ll need a free membership on EFL Classroom to access and download the lesson resources for each Top Youtube Video.  Here is a sample of the ebook (links not working).

Please leave any comments about the selection or materials. Looking to improve on them!

View the playlist for the videos on Youtube to get a quick idea of the selection.

Also, Jan. only – purchase one of our Premium products like this ebook and get access to them all! Links here on purchasing and supporting my efforts to keep EFL Classroom alive and kicking.

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