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Teacher Training

make things clear

Please see my Teacher Training page for loads of presentations I’ve created and delivered throughout my teaching career.   My new glossary is also a steadfast reference. This list and video library of Educational Thinkers has a lot of valuable learning. Please be sure to see the  Professional Development category on EFL Classroom 2.0.   I’d […]

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Summer Reading: Books by teachers about teaching

I recently was contacted by a fellow English language teacher about promoting a book he wrote. I’m always happy to help and will buy it and review ( Teaching with Chopsticks: TEFL from the frontline ). However, it got me thinking about books by teachers about their own classrooms and teaching. Got me thinking about […]

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Sell On Facebook


This blog post is a follow up on my recent post “Disrupting ELT: ebooks“.  I’m really keen on the new possibilities web 2.0 and technologies have for “the little guy”, us practicing teachers. We can now share and produce our own materials quite easily. This community is a testament to that. We don’t have to […]

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Disappointed Books

Books will always be with us and like poetry, will be valued more as they become less… They are personal and secret things – therein lies their power. I’m busy writing another one, always busy with “the word”. Today, looking at my book shelves and feeling good that I have my books together in one […]

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Gems of EFL 2.0: ebooks!

There has been some talk in  ELT circles about “The Round”, a new endeavor in the ELT self publishing field.  I wish them all the best. I’m all for this and have written extensively how others may make/design/market/sell their own book. Still, it seems like a lot of talk and I’m waiting for the beef. […]

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The Future of the “Tech”book

The past few weeks, I’ve been mulling over the future of “the book”. In particular, the textbook and even more precisely the ELT textbook. Probably been thinking about this because I’m busy every day making books (and I use “make” deliberately – authors these days can “make” books and not just write them). Further prompted […]

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“Real” books ….

I’ve got some more of my ebooks up onto Lulu (and shortly Amazon). Available now as “real” books, POD – Print On Demand. Here’s the preview for “The Unbearable Lightness Of Being A Teacher”. Download free the ebook but appreciated any orders of the hard copy, funds supporting EFL Classroom 2.0. More books on Lulu […]

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ebooks and real books

I recently made all my books into “real books”. Today, my 3 favorites came in the mail.  Get them all here – I’ll soon add links to the real, POD versions.  It’s great to be an author but even greater to be free to do as you please, create and make. Not to be at […]

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Zen and the Act of Publishing a Book (part 2)

Lately, I’ve been learning lots about self publishing a book. For many reasons, mostly just to see what is possible and to discover if the process is accessible and profitable for teachers. I believe it is. [this is a sequel to Part 1Read the backdrop there.] Self-publishing has gotten dramatically easier and though (like with […]

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Zen and the Act of Publishing a Book (part 1)

Jeremy Harmer made a comment in defense of big publishers the other day.  He said, “the cost of producing a book is horrendous these days, the investment staggeringly high.” I took that as a challenge so within 8 hours I CREATED and PUBLISHED a book. Not some frothy, blablabla book but something substantial and which […]

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Using the Guinness World Records book as a “textbook”

I am writing today about something I STRONGLY feel. Not stepping on anyone’s toes in particular but forgive my own passion in advance. Today, I’d like to publicly advocate my detest with textbooks and in particular, the gross deficit of thought, creativity, respect for learners, price gouging, addiction and lack of reality that most, if […]

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The “subversive” teacher

Are you a subversive teacher? A teacher is that rare individual who coaxes the existing knowledge systems of his students out of hiding, drags every last tentacle of the monster from the depths into broad daylight, hoses off the slime, wrestles it to the ground when it puts up a fight, and finally gives it […]

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Someone once quipped that genius was “seeing the obvious”. Or as William James added, “the ability to overlook the irrelevant”. Well, by that criteria, I think I’m up there with Einstein and Hawkings because not a day goes by without me being astounded by the power of the written word. I am reminded of it […]

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Reflective Teaching Practices in ELT

I recently attended Kotesol’s National Conference. It was themed upon “Reflection and Prof. Development”. I had a great time (thanks to all who attended my own following day workshops!) and sat in on some excellent lectures/presentations. But the highlight was the opening plenary by Dr. Thomas Farrell. I was taken with his very practical focus […]

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Use the Book! The tyranny of print.

I have always had a very cautious view about using a book to teach language. For many reasons which I’d like to elaborate on. I’ve had a few discussions recently about this, regarding new teachers and their need for a book. Most people advocate that a new teacher use a book — or any teacher […]

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