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“Functional” Videos


Language functions are a great way to focus student learning on communication. Showing students and having students study examples of language in use, language used to actually do and accomplish and communicate is a great methodology. EnglishCentral now has many videos focused on all the important language functions. Greetings, talking about family, apologizing, using the […]

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Teachers Pay Teachers Pay Teachers


Every week or month brings another announcement within the educational tech space of a new player in the “Teacher marketplace” place. I remember back in the early years online, before all the social media, Web 2.0 craze. It was natural and easy for teachers to share resources and help each other. In my own school […]

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50 Ways Lists

50blue1 (1)

The “50″ lists created over the last year have been a huge hit with teachers. So happy to know that these simple ideas are being used in classrooms everywhere. That’s what web 2.0 is all about. I thought it would be great to list them all in one handy place!  Just like our #1 in […]

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Teacher Training

make things clear

Please see my Teacher Training page for loads of presentations I’ve created and delivered throughout my teaching career.   My new glossary is also a steadfast reference. This list and video library of Educational Thinkers has a lot of valuable learning. Please be sure to see the  Professional Development category on EFL Classroom 2.0.   I’d […]

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Thinking About Schools: some resources


I’ve been teaching a course to pre-service B.Ed. students – Schools and Education.   I basically have a lot of room to “do my thing” and really just get students to challenge their set values, beliefs and preconceptions about what is school and what is an “education”.  I can rant and rave but more often […]

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Keeping the ideas flowing….

I think that the godhead, the soul, the core of the new technology paradigm is “the pipeline of ideas”. We now have the ability to correspond, share, connect, learn with, learn from, engage so many, all over the world. This is truly revolutionary and changing the world – especially our own teaching world. So I’ve […]

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Finding Stuff

It’s not easy on the web these days. There is so much and seemingly so little time. The more search engines are perfected, the more social media evolves, the more notifications improve, we still seem way behind and fail at keeping up with “the new”. Noise abounds too…. I guess like that marvelous Beckett (Godot) […]

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Gems of EFL 2.0: Poetry in the Classroom

Poetry is in my soul (read my own, if interested HERE) and I think if used correctly, it is a powerful activity in the EFL Classroom. In that vein, find a plethora of resources on the Poetry In The Classroom page. Lots of ideas and printables (click the links at the top of the page), […]

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Gems of EFL 2.0: Our Teacher Toolbox

The Teacher Toolbox is something I’m proud of. I’m a curator and enjoy finding “the best”, especially the best things to help teachers. On this page are certainly the “top” of the top – things every teacher can use and put to use in their class right away. There are clocks for timing students. I […]

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Gems of EFL 2.0: Top Content

There is so much on EFL Classroom 2.0, the biggest challenge is finding it! I’m trying my best to help teachers and learners in this discovery process and work hard at making the main page search, tag search, tag clouds work. Posts like this “gem” series help too. However, they is even a better way […]

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It’s Not A Box – Synectics

My university recently hosted the ICE (Imagination / Creativity / Education) Conference. Instead of giving a presentation and being all concerned with that – decided to join many of my student teachers and enjoy a day of attending the workshops and gathering ideas. So glad I did! The highlight for me was an Art workshop: […]

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Using Songs in the EFL Classroom

This presentation has always been a fav. of teachers. Here, I add a voiceover and summarizing some of the main points (ever so quickly). Click on the presention to listen and use the slideshow underneath to go to resources highlighting each point (by clicking on the photos). Additionally, the “song” tag gives post gives with […]

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Bests Posts 2010-2011

I’d like to share as the year comes to a close – My best “Teaching Advice” blog posts. Also, my best “Practical Teaching Posts”. [Next - I'll outline the Best posts about "Language". ] Note: all posts link to the EFL Classroom 2.0 blog which is now public. If not a member – join us! […]

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Going to Pieces

Most enthusiastic language teachers “Go To Pieces”, meaning they literally use material that is in pieces and compels students to practice and communicate. At its heart, “pieces” is a way of teaching that puts communication at the core of language teaching and learning. Think about it. “Pieces” as an approach or frame, stretches over a […]

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Guessing Games

A short post about a very BIG topic – Guessing. Along with prediction, it is a very important skill in any English teachers arsenal and one that can be used with great effectiveness. Last night, was visiting this amazing site – Children’s Books Online: The Rosetta Project (to make a literary book I’m working on) […]

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Poetry in the EFL Classroom

I’ve written a lot about using poetry in the classroom. However, came across my old audio page collection and noted Billy Collins great audio recordings (see below) – couldn’t help sharing. Decided to collect his wonderful “visual” poems in a nice player. Find them, along with more resources and other great poems for use in […]

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The #1 …. site for debate materials

** Not your ordinary, endless list – just what’s number 1. True Tube I’ve been on TrueTube since the beginning and watched it flourish as a go to site for great, critical content for educational use. In the beginning, a one woman show, now a big production. A real educational success story. The materials are […]

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Earth Day – April 22

Earth. It is such an important concept and relationship for students. A must to use in our curriculum, I don’t care what you teach. Take the opportunity to do something with your class this Earth Day, this spring! Revel in the gift that she gives, mother earth. Here are some resources, videos, ideas you might […]

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CDLP – a wonderful adult listening site

CDLP – The California Distance Learning Project, is one of the many governmental sites leading the way towards free online learning resources. It doesn’t have a lot of “flash” but it has an abundance of semi authentic materials with audio and extra vocabulary study. Excellent stuff that will interest students. Just choose a category and […]

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My Year in Review

Yes, that time again.  Time for all the “reviews” of what happened in 2010.  Time for all the pundits to come out of the closet and do their thing. I won’t bore you by doing much the same. However, I do think that those new to this blog/site might do well to be reminded of […]

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