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A Return To and A Defense of Freire

I just returned from visiting Nicaragua and some schools, universities there. In the more “prosperous” north but the poverty was still very evident everywhere. Even in the schools themselves. This is saying something for I’ve been living in Guatemala the last 6 years – and...


Teaching As An Invisible Act

[Finally renewing my blogging. Don’t worry, been blogging A LOT but just not here on my personal blog. You’ll hear about it soon and meet my team, see my posts and musings – starting a TEFL News Magazine. More on that in the coming weeks...


Coming Soon.

After this post, the cat will be half out of the bag. I’ve been thinking a lot about my future, the next deep dive.  The last year I’ve been consulting and helping companies build great products. Also wrote a cool “Teaching English In English” course...


The Death Of “Native Speakerism”

I just finished speaking in Brazil on the topic of a level playing field for all English language teachers – regardless of their passport, their L1, their color or accent.  A look both into the wide spread and institutional “neo-racism” (as Adrian Holiday calls it)...


Master Slave ELT

I’ve had some free time these days to rethink my role in education and in particular ELT.  So think of this post as the start of my St. Augustinian “Confessions”. English language teaching is great! It’s given me so much and I’ve traveled the world,...


ELT Conference Pet Peeves

I attend quite a few conferences. The last year many as just a fly on the wall – attending sessions, taking things in …. I’m lucky, I know – able to travel and experience face to face professional development in many times exotic settings. I...


The Ignorant School Teacher

There has been a lot of debate about the  ideas of Sugata Mitra. He tends to get under teachers’ skins, especially those in ELT.  Find a nice summary of these posts / discussions through this post. I’m kind of confused by all the kerfuffle. I’ve been...


Identifying human emotions – Gifs

View the full “Human Emotion” big screen presentation Human emotions are a universal and something that provides great context for teaching how to refer to them in English. Paul Ekman’s work in this area has always fascinated me and brought out the anthropologist in me...


Do You Recognize These ELT Brands?

There are many brands in the ELT universe. I got to wondering how well people actually recognize their logos, how well they’ve penetrated into the mindscape of teachers out there. So as part of figuring this out, I’ve created a quiz which will compile which...


Keeping Up …..

Just a short post. I’ve not been posting much lately, for a few reasons: A) been hard at work on several web projects and a redesign on EFL Classroom 2.0 B) Reading and looking at years worth of my old writings C) Building this –...

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