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bbblogoPreviously, I wrote and got a lot of great feedback (thank you those who responded!) about a video conferencing system I was creating and making available. Well, finally it is on the horizon…… I think it quite timely given that Dimdim is being wiped from the sky as a low cost alternative.

We are still testing but I think an update is due. We estimate it to be ready for launch next week.

Watch this “presenter” screencast tutorial to find out more OR go try out the sandbox testing room for yourself. The proof is in the pudding. We are still tinkering with audio settings and also our servers. However, most is a go. When we launch we will always have a 5 min demo for all potential users. This helpful presentation will also default launch to help users.

Here are a few things that set the rooms apart:

1. Make rooms “on the go”. No need for a permanent account or to have a permanent room.

2. Simplicity. Not a lot of clutter. The listener comes and can follow immediately. No steep learning curve. (but please use a headset!).

3. Focus. Only the presenter has an operating camera. They control who talks and who else can present on the whiteboard and with a camera. They simply give control to someone else (or take it away).

4. Personalization. The basic rooms allow you to put up your own title that is linked to the homepage of your choice. Add a start up message too.

5. Social Media friendly. Tweet the room. Facebook the room. Let others know about your session with only a few clicks. The first of its kind.

6. Google translate “breakaway” chat rooms.
Chat with selected attendees in a breakaway room and also have your chat auto-translated to the language of your choice. Really amazing stuff.

7. Price. The rooms will be a low monthly fee of $25. The annual price $180. Nothing cheaper out there, with the features. Nothing. We will also offer customized service to large schools/organizations. Get your own colors, own server and security salt/key for integration with moodle and other learning management systems. Just contact us.

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