ELT Golden Raspberry Awards

Well, it is that season again. You know the one – the one where everyone is tweeting and posting about all the “best” bloggers (their online buddies) and posting all their little badges on their blogs. Yes, that time of year – Award Time.

I won’t mention any awards going on or that are about to start. Don’t want to feed the beast, the moloch. You probably know all the usual suspects – the sites not genuinely interested in much of the hard working, “good” in ELT but rather their own traffic and “get everyone to visit my award site”.

Instead of crying and whining, I’m going to fight fire with fire – start my own awards. So I hereby announce the 1st annual ELT Golden Raspberry Awards. Since it is the first, the awards will cover all time – from the first days of cavemen teaching English with chalk and stone to present day post modernists.

I’ll announce the first winner tomorrow (so please return and make me popular!) and one every day thereafter until I run out of raspberrys. Here is the tentative lineup but I reserve the right to change any category at any time. If you have suggestions of winners for any category or another category altogether – please leave a comment and I’ll take it into consideration. Much appreciated.

1. Most dull powerpoint presentations of all time in ELT
2. Most prolific tweeter of what he or she has never read/viewed
3. Most behind the times website about ELT
4. Most expensive course of lowest quality in TESOL
5. Worst coursebook to ever become widely issued
6. Most ineffective methodology for teaching English
7. Least credible award contest in ELT
8. Most horrid marketeers in education
9. Worst attempt at blogging ever
10. The worst tool every to be used a lot by teachers

More categories forthcoming….

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