salman_khan{just an update – Bill Gates recently caught onto Khan and gave him his endorsement. Also, like myself, calls for more “online” learning and taking the learning out of the 4 walls and into the great wide open. The following post appeared Dec. 09}

I often get asked the same questions over and over again. “How many hours a day do you spend on the computer?” “How do you have enough time to do so much?” “Do you ever stop?” “How do you do so much?”

I have to admit that I’m often puzzled by these questions. I’m rarely without words but these questions really have me at a loss. Usually, I just say that – “I love what I do – things get done.” It is hard to see oneself – like the old Hasidic saying goes, “The eye cannot see itself”.

Until today that is. I could see a little of myself in Salman Khan who BY FAR outdoes anything I contribute to education. He’s a brillant self made online teacher who just gives lessons / tutorials freely through his Youtube channel. Superb tutorials and lessons, I may add. He does this all from a closet in his apartment, sometimes 4-5 a day!

He’s no expert but he loves learning and “finding out”. He doesn’t just skim his subjects before he teaches them, he bear hugs them! He finds out everything, gets to their bottom and foundation and builds from there. He’s an “essentialist” if there is anyone of that educational philosophy still around.

I’ll leave you to watch this video and / or visit the article making the rounds these days. He’s my hero! May I keep giving and keep contributing to others well being. That’s all a person can ask of their life I believe. The internet has allowed me (in a small way) and Salman (in a large way) contribute to humanity and the beautiful, always giving fruit that is learning.

He also sends out a big message. People (teachers) who love what they do – always have “the” time!

Thank you Mr. Khan, you inspire me! I may not see myself but I do see myself in you and that is also precious.