Imagine …..

This song hits me like no other. And millions around the world agree and have made it part of their mental landscape and an all-time classic.

Over the years, I’ve used it a lot in class. As a straight listening cloze activity. As a rewriting activity where students rewrite the chorus and sing it for the class, making it their own. I’ve subtitled it numerous times, played Lastonestanding with it (a great, simple listening game).

I’ve also created a lot of materials for teaching with it.  Teachers can use it to make a Peace Project video. Many teachers have and see one example below.

I’ve rewrote it to inspire teachers and get thinking about a new kind of education and school.  As a video (below) and also a poem.

Lastly, I’ve created a gif version students can read, study and play games to learn the vocabulary.  Further, a video which students can sing along with, ppt version also available to EFL Classroom 2.0 members.

All in all, this song has made me “imagine” and be creative in my teaching. Can’t thank this simple song and by default Lennon.  See below also a nice Unicef version that I really love and you’ll enjoy.

Let’s all keep imaginging! One day I do hope Peace will be a standard part of the curriculum, like math, history or P.E.  Let’s imagine ….. education if anything is instilling the possibility of a better world in our students.


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